EMP- Final Piece

So here it is the Grand Finale. 3 Years and it has come to this. I hope you enjoy it, but enough of me talking here it is:


EMP- Final Music Video Teaser

OK guys one more treat just for you because you’re all so lovely to me. This is the Music Video For the final song in the short ‘We’re Back! (But Not for Long). The music for the song was played on a ukulele my one Mr Dominic Kerley and the vocals were provided by yours truely. The video was filmed on location in Bournemouth, Dorset. Check it out below.

EMP- Final Music

Below is the complete collection of the songs I created for this project. They play as follows

Love Comes in The Back Door

The Dubstep Song

Were Back! (But Not For Long)

The first two songs were created on Ableton Live 7 with a variety of Loops & Samples which I adjusted and tweaked to get the preferred sound from them I wanted. The final song was created by Dom and Myself using his ukulele. I came up with the rhythm and tune for the song, and dom played it (mainly because I’m useless with instruments I blame my sausage fingers). All lyrics were written by myself.

EMP- No Voice-Over

Bad news folks, Morgan Freeman was busy when I was required to meet him for recording my voice-over. But on a serious note after going through my footage I felt that a voice-over was no longer needed as the talking heads effectively did the job of the voice-over. There were some point where the voice over would of been needed but instead I’m using dialogue from talking heads instead. Sorry Morgan Freeman, please forgive me.

EMP- Editing- Adding Music & Sound to the Video

Making sure that the audio I recorded seperately to my video was synced up correctly was achieved over several different stages.

  1. Retrieve my audio from the memory card
  2. Upload the audio footage into Audacity 1 by 1
  3. Adjust the volume and erase any background noise
  4. Export it from audacityand import it into Premire pro
  5. Find the clapper noise I made to link it up with the cameras audio
  6. Remove the cameras audio

This was repeated for each take I did, which was far too many, im pretty sure i can match sound waves perfectly now

EMP- Video- Raw Footage Vs Colour Corrected

To show how I have modified by footage to give it a distinctive look for the style I am wanting to represtent I have uploaded a video showing the differences the raw footage and the colour corrected footage. I did this by installing the Magic Bullet plugins for Premiere Pro to help adjust my work


EMP- Sound Test- Camera Vs Mic

To make sure my project was as professional as I could possibly make it I decided to record my sound seperate from the camera using a audio recorder to ensure the sound was of the best quality. Below is a video showing the difference of sound from the mic and sound from the camera

Sound from Camera

Sound from Mic

As you can hear the sound from the microphone blocks out alot of the background noise and makes the person alot more clearer to hear

EMP- Lighting Layout

Below I’ve included a diagram of the layout of my room for how I am going to be setting up the lighting for the interviews in my short.


Cross= Lights

Triangle= Interviewee

Circle= Camera

Line= Mirror

EMP- Title Screen

Here is the first part i’ve completed of my short. Don’t get too excited though its only the title screen.For the title screen I decided to keep it basic. I simply just took the teaser poster that I had made previous and had the title fade in to a piece of music. But enough of me talking about, watch it, hell watch it 100 times so I can make money from this.

And its in HD Yo so make sure you 1080 that bad boy for your extra crisp viewing enjoyment.

Even Better folks, Its now 3D!!! Well supposedly it is. But its like the Diddley Bow is coming at ya!!!

EMP Research- Voice-over

I have been flirting around the idea of including a voice-over into part of the documentary as a way to keep to short running at the kind of pace I intended it to be. To make sure I had the right kind of voice over for my project, I researched how to do a voice-over, and then how to do a voice over for a documentary seen as they would contain some minor changes from how to do one kind of voice-over to another.

How to Do a Documentary Voice-Over